Finding a Balance – SOLSC Day #7

Finding a balance is something that I’ve always prided myself in.  I took on coaching youth lacrosse when my oldest daughter was in Kindergarten, and nine years later, I’m still at it.  Four years ago, I decided to run for a seat on the school board.  Next year, after serving a five-year commitment (or sentence – just kidding), I will likely run again.  Our local district (where I live) also as an education foundation board, which raises money for the teachers to use (they apply through grants), and I have been part of that for six years (now, as a board liaison for the school board).  All the while, my children have grown and become more and more active, which has made me a taxi driver that drives hundreds of miles a week (and never leaving a 30 mile radius).  And of course, if you don’t get a little “me” time, you will likely go crazy so I get outside for some daily exercise (running, skating, snowshoeing, swimming, or biking).

This week, my balance has been tested.  At the end of last week, I was cruising along with my running streak (as of last Thursday, I was at 218 days straight).  I had made it through a three-day heat wave (I started in the end of July), the bitter cold and a number of snowstorms.  With the start of SOLSC (and now I’m on my seventh straight day of writing), I was losing my balance.  It has been a real adjustment and struggle to carve out time to post my blog and read others, although, I do love reading what others are writing.  It is truly a community of some awesome writers (and of course, teachers).

Last night, after a long day, I headed out into the thirteen degree cold (with a wind chill of -2 degrees) for a run (Day #224) and reflected on some ways to rediscover the balance that I feel is slipping away.  I remembered that writing and running is an opportunity and not an obligation.  I love to do both and neither should bring me stress.  Being a teacher and a dad is my very favorite things to do, and I need to do both with a positive mindset (the grading and planning will get done; driving my kids around gives me an opportunity to hang out with them, which the older two don’t like to do as much as they did before they became teenagers) and enthusiasm.  Most importantly, I reminded myself that I like to be busy, and I am busy doing things that I love.

When I arrived back at the house, I felt better.  I felt more balanced.  I felt up to every challenge that awaits me.  I am ready to spend the rest of March writing and running (and being a board member, teacher, coach, husband, and dad).

6 thoughts on “Finding a Balance – SOLSC Day #7

  1. Balance, it is almost a bad word some days. I felt your pain while reading this and also felt the joy you had when you regained it. I think it is normal to feel this way. I find, I, too, need to find my balance more during the month of March. Like you, I look for it in the smallest of places and the ordinary things I do.

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  2. Amazing! The only word I can really come up with to describe this. Thank you for being a coach, a teacher, a board member, and what I can only imagine as a fun and loving dad and husband! We need more people like this in the world- so thank you for being a role model to them!

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  3. It seems you are finding balance by overlapping- being with your kids while driving, I’ll bet you think about writing while running :). Only you can decide when to drop something, and when it is working. It is a good reflection on this important feeling.


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