Am I doing this right? – SOLSC Day #14

Okay, so we are fourteen days in and I have to ask, “Am I doing this right?”  The blog thing is totally new to me.  Writing a blog post each and every day for thirty-one days is totally new to me.  Trying not to put people to sleep while reading my post is totally new to me.  Writing is the only thing about this whole experience that is not new to me, but I keep wondering, “Am I doing this right?” (I am impressed that I made it fourteen days without asking this question.)

So, about a week and a half ago (three days into the month of March), I created a weekly schedule of writing topics.  Here is my schedule:

Sunday: Poetry

Monday: Reflection – Highs and Lows

Tuesday: Miscellaneous school topics/lessons (reading, writing, and/or science)

Wednesday: Stories

Thursday: About me

Friday: Stories (Notice that I love to write stories:)

Saturday: ELA lesson

Honestly, I love the challenge of posting on a blog each day.  I love reading the blogs of other “slicers” even more.  I find such inspiration in the posts and find myself navigating through so many posts when I should be doing other things (laundry, dishes, grading, lesson plans).  Also, the feedback that I get from others is awesome.  The responses are so thorough, honest, and positive.  I try to give the same feedback to fellow writers.  Again, I hope that “I’m doing this right.”

Each day, I spend time writing stories, and as you can see from my weekly calendar, I love posting excerpts of my stories on my blog (almost 30% of the week – two of the seven days).  If I was certain that readers would not get extremely bored of this, I would probably post excerpts of my stories five of the seven days.:)  The blog post makes me reflect immediately on my daily writing (I usually only reflected after writing big chunks of my story), and it also gives me another topic to write about during the day.

We are almost to the halfway mark of the month, and I’m already thinking about what my weekly schedule look like after the month is complete.  It won’t be every day, but it will be three to four times a week, and I PROMISE that it won’t be “stories” every time.  I am hoping to start next year’s March of writing without the question of “Am I doing this right?” hanging over my head.  I’m confident that I’ll be ready by next year.


14 thoughts on “Am I doing this right? – SOLSC Day #14

  1. There’s no such thing as doing it right, but I think what happens is you find yourself noticing more, noticing better. The STORY part of the SOLSC matters, and so you SHOULD be telling stories– good you like that best!

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    1. Thank you, Melanie! The first half of the month has been a great experience (and a new experience). The reflection and noticing has been the number one thing that I have discovered.:)


  2. I, too, have the same questions. I like your stories. Speaking as a new slicer/blogger, I think what matters most is do you like what you are writing? To me, it sounds like you do and for that you need to pat yourself on the back and maybe I should do the same.

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    1. I absolutely do LOVE the writing part. Writing about myself is difficult because I don’t want to sound preachy or overconfident. Until a month ago, I did not have a Facebook page. I just did my first post Saturday. I will write that this is an awesome (and positive) writing community.


  3. The same questions have been ruminating in my brain, too. I am trying to accept that, like most things in life, there is no right way to do it. I love that you have a schedule…I feel like I am constantly flying by the seat of my pants!


    1. I think that is the teacher in us. We get done with a lesson or unit, and we instantly think, “How could I have done it better?” The schedule has certainly helped me stay focused and has also provided structure.

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  4. You do you, to borrow popular vernacular. There is no “right” way to blog, but there are common features. Do be open to modifying your plan if the spirit story moves you. I’ve been blogging since 2010, and I can say it’s important to blog for yourself first. During your first year participating in this challenge you have a welcome wagon of folks committed to commenting on your posts. After that, you don’t have a guaranteed support team to comment. You might comment on many posts and get few reciprocated. For example, I commented on 14 posts Wednesday but have only two comments on my post today, and one of those is from a fellow slicer I tagged in Twitter. This is why staying focused on why you write is so important. Once you post, like publishing a book, things are out of the author’s hands.

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    1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your reply is so positive and thorough. I greatly appreciate the advice, and I’m so excited that I’m taking the March challenge. This is a great community of writers.:)

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  5. You’re doing wonderfully. Question for you is: are you going to keep going after March ends?

    I have so much fun, it’s the question I always ask myself…


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