Friday Morning (story) Secrets – SOLSC Day #29

When I woke up this morning, I didn’t think that I had a good writing session in me, but it went much better than I had anticipated.  I also didn’t know that I had another secret (for the supporting character) for my story.  I suppose that is the interesting thing about secrets.  You don’t even know that they are there until they appear.:)

Here is an excerpt:

Due to all those winter days and nights spent at hockey rinks, I’d never been inside Bedford Sports Complex.  As I walk into the viewing area, the four full size turf fields that surround me swallow me up.  The ceilings are so high, and even the netting that protects the lights doesn’t interfere with the game.  The same netting hangs all around the perimeter of the field.  In the center of the field is another net that divides the filed.  It is pulled back like a curtain for today’s action.

There are girls running around on all of the fields.  The fields to my left have soccer games, and to my right, are lacrosse games.  It looks like different age groups on each field.  In front of me it looks like high school girls.

I immediately spot Samantha running towards the viewing area and this side of the field.  She’s wearing a white Sedgwick Heights Girl’s Lax t-shirt, red shorts, and I quickly discover she’s easily the fastest player on the field.  She cradles the stick high and close to her body and moves through defenders effortlessly.

Coach yells out to put on the brakes, so instead of fast breaking to the goal, her team sets up around the goal.  There is no doubt that she’s the conductor of this play.  After two passes, she gets it at the top of the arch.  She fakes right, dodges left, switches the stick to her left hand and fires a shot into the bottom corner of the goal.  During the play, the defender falls to the turf and watches the goal from her seat on the field.

Parents standing in front of the small bleachers I am sitting on are commenting on Samantha’s play.  “She’ll play division 1.” They mumble.  “She’s the real deal.” They whisper.

After a barrage of about four or five more goals, the coach blows the whistle and practice ends.  She moves towards the field door as quick as she moved on the field.  She’s covered in sweat from head to toe and her hair bounces in a bun on top of her head.  How is it possible that she looks even better after exercising?

She spots me as she comes through the door.  “What are you doing here?” A hint of annoyance in her voice.  “How did you know I was here?”

“You are amazing.  You were breakin’ ankles all over the field.” I jump down from the bleachers.

“Stop,” she puts her hand up. “Seriously.”  The annoyance is still there.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you’re an awesome lacrosse player?”

“I guess we both have secrets, or at least, had secrets.” And finally, she smiles.

While she packs her bag, she scolds me for coming to watch her play.  She won’t let me help carry her bag of sticks, and is ready to leave way quicker than I usually am after a hockey practice or a game.  The scowl is still on her face.  As we head for the doors in the front of the sports center, she grabs my hand.  Hers is still sweaty, but I don’t mind.

“The parents were really impressed.  They were sayin’ you’re gonna play D1 lacrosse and that you’re gonna lead the team to a ton of tournament championships this summer.”

“They talk too much.  Just like hockey parents.  Many of them have never played lacrosse.  Livin’ through their kids.” Now she’s really smiling.  “How’d you get here?”

“I ran. Do you think Patty could give me a ride home?”

“You what?” She stops us both and looks me right in the eye. “It’s like ten miles from your house.  Are you crazy?”

Crazy about her, but I keep that to myself.  I look at my watch.  “It’s 8.9 miles.”

She hugs me.  “You are crazy.”

8 thoughts on “Friday Morning (story) Secrets – SOLSC Day #29

  1. I got sucked into the story, wanting to know more about the relationship between the narrator and Samantha. Great show-not-tell example of writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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