He can dance, sing, and act – Who knew? – SOLSC Day #31

Title: Hairspray Surprise

The weekend

is finally here

Seat C13

in a packed house

Chest tightens

as lights go to black

Can he dance?

Stomach churns

as he takes the stage

Can he sing?

Roll call

And “I’m Link”

He remembered

his lines

He CAN dance

Pressure builds

to his first solo

“Link will sing a song

to Tracy”

I grip the

seat handles

A little sweat

forms on my neck

“They say it’s a man’s world”

He CAN sing

Chest loosens

Sweat disappears

Relief, excitement

Each song

Each line

Each dance move

looks effortless

Curtain call

Takes his final bow

He CAN act

Feeling PROUD

For the last four months, my eighth grade son, has been preparing for his middle school musical.  The musical was Hairspray, and his part was Link, a lead character.  He practiced his lines, but I never saw him practice his moves or hear him sing seriously.  He had good rehearsals and bad rehearsals, but the premiere of the show finally arrived on Friday.  He seemed nervous, but I felt extremely nervous.  I just wanted him to feel happy about how he performed.

He was awesome!  He strutted and danced across the stage.  He belted out his lines and songs.  And most importantly, he had a blast.  Since he was born, he has loved nothing but sports (his first word was “ball”), so I was surprised when he found his way to the stage (I actually questioned his older sister, “Did he really sign up for the musical?).  Well, this weekend, he proved that he could play in another venue, the theater stage.  I am feeling very proud on this Sunday morning.


8 thoughts on “He can dance, sing, and act – Who knew? – SOLSC Day #31

  1. You poem is really efffective. Your very short lines evoke your anxiety, and also your physical details (sweat, grip…). You put your son’s lines in quotation marks, which brings him on to the stage for us. Great piece- its hard to be a parent, isn’t it?!

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    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You made this experience unforgettable. I will be back next March.:) I have another middle grade manuscript that my daughter is encouraging me to try to get it published. As you know (you’ve been following), I am extremely busy, but I am going to carve out time to send it in. THANK YOU for a wonderful month of writing!!!!!!!


  2. This was such a fun poem to read. I loved the repetition and how you built this suspense! Congratulations to your son! What a great experience for all.

    I agree with Fran – I loved reading your work as well this month! I, too, encourage you to get out there and get published (I know, easier said then done!!)… And bravo to you for being a 6th grade teacher who also writes – that is rare!

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    1. Thank you Trina, for the constant feedback! It is so greatly appreciated. Like I wrote above, I will be back next March. I have a deal with my daughter, who also writes, that if I send in my manuscript, she will continue to write and get some of it out for publication (school magazine).:) Thank you again!

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