(The Family) Bucket List – SOLSC Day #3

When your first child is born, people often state, “There is nothing you’ll love as much as your child.”  That statement is completely accurate.  For me, I have four children that I love more than anything else in this world.  With children come so many other changes as well.  You change as a person.  I changed as a person.  You look at life through a new lens and your priorities change.  For me, my post-teen bucket list completely changed.  I went from doing things for me to do things for (and with) my children.

I’ve crossed off an Ironman, marathon, and ultra-marathon from my bucket list.  I earned a master’s degree, which was once a bucket list item (I was a terrible high school student).  I’ve seen Dave Matthews in Red Rocks and cheered on Army and Navy at the historic Army vs. Navy game in Philadelphia.  I’m currently on a running streak that is over a year (one straight year was supposed to be the bucket list goal).  These bucket list accomplishments are important to me, but the idea of the bucket list has change for me because of my children.

Currently, it is more important to me that the kids accomplish their bucket list adventures.  My oldest daughter has spent the last three years dreaming of a visit to Europe.  This February vacation, her and some of her high school classmates visited France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.  I was elated for her to have accomplished something that I have not even accomplished.  Like the joy and confidence that I found with the completion of each bucket list item, I observed (and still am observing) the same joy and confidence that my daughter has found.

I find myself touring all of the Smithsonian museums in Washington D.C., sitting in the audience at National Basketball Association games, cheering on Major League Baseball players from the stands, and running through the Adirondack Mountains with my two oldest children because of their dreams and aspirations (and bucket items).  I can thank my oldest son and daughter for all of these adventures (their bucket list items).  My two youngest girls are still creating their bucket lists, but I’m certain that I will be on new adventures with them over the next few years.

The idea of the bucket list may have changed for me, but the adventures continue and are now led by my kids.  These adventures will hopefully be a memory for them, as they become adults creating and refining their future bucket lists.

6 thoughts on “(The Family) Bucket List – SOLSC Day #3

  1. As someone who listens to her friends commiserate about their babies and children, I haven’t been convinced that having children is something I’d want to do but I love that your post actually made me rethink that notion for myself! Thank you for your positive spin!

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  2. So cool that you do their bucket list items with your kids! You are making memories that will last forever! And congratulations on your running streak!

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  3. It sounds like you are creating wonderful memories with your children. I have a daughter and a son who are both married with children. All I can tell you is that if you love these years, you will be absolutely elated with making memories with your grandchildren – they are even better than your kids!

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    1. My kids have changed my parents – my dad was an awesome dad when I was growing up, but he was really quiet. Now, he is crazy with my kids. He is loud, playful, and fun. It has been an absolute joy to see. Thank you!

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  4. This is awesome! It’s great to see you so involved with your children, and encouraging them, supporting them, and experiencing with them. You will all have amazing memories for sure! I hope you’re taking lots of pictures of these experiences if you’re able to! Technology can be a burden these days, but it can also be wonderful to use to document such moments!


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