Want to Know/Already Know Poem – SOLSC Day #8


putting up sheetrock,



brewing beer,


changing the oil,

solving the Rubik’s Cube,

cooking elegant meals,


sitting still,

troubleshooting (easy) my phone,

walking on stilts,

keeping a plant alive,

walking on my hands,

playing the guitar,

these are things

that I don’t know

how to do (but want to).

Organizing information,

opening (and closing) a pool,


craft beer,


directions around my city (state),

fixing a flat tire,



ironing clothes,

running (swimming and biking),

driving a stick-shift,


ice (and roller) skating,

troubleshooting (basic) computers,

jumping rope,

growing vegetables,

doing a handstand,

writing a story,

these are things

that I do know

how to do

and like doing them.

I gave myself four minutes to come up with as many things as I do and don’t know how to do.  The first minute I was flying on things that I don’t know how to do, and then, I drew a blank.  Things were coming to me, but they were things that I did know how to do, so I stumbled (with the pace) and started simultaneously creating both lists.  My goal was to finish the poem in five minutes (I needed a minute to type the final four lines in each stanza).  I DID IT!

I hope that you enjoyed my poem.  I also hope that you will try your own poem (even if you don’t want to share it with anyone).  Happy writing on this sunny Sunday (at least in Syracuse, New York – a place where the sun does not shine enough)!

4 thoughts on “Want to Know/Already Know Poem – SOLSC Day #8

  1. Love this! Out of what you know how to do- fixing a tire and driving a stick shift are two things I’ve “learned” multiple times, but still do not know how to do, which is a bummer. Out of what you don’t know how to do- keeping a plant alive is one of the things I can’t do which is why I resorted to the stupidly expensive fake plants 🙂

    totally trying this for a slice to come- maybe even tomorrows! 🙂


  2. A very creative way to write a poem. I like how you challenged yourself and did it! I would agree. It’s easier for me to say the things I don’t do rather than do. I’ll have to explore this. Thanks for the piece and challenge. Hope you continued to enjoy your sunny day!


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