Exhaustion – SOLSC Day #11

I know that it is not possible to “catch up on sleep”.  Although, when I was in college, I did believe this statement.  I also know that March is an exhausting month as a teacher.  But, the question is, should I be exhausted only eleven days into March?  If I slept from Friday night to Sunday morning, would I “catch up”?  I may catch up, but my wife will kick me out of the house.:)

This got me to wondering if other people feel exhaustion in March (or any school calendar month that does not have even one vacation day)?  I also wonder how do people get rejuvenated and back to their non-exhausted selves?  If there were a secret to this, I would love to know it because I’m becoming irritable, impatient, and annoyed by every little thing.  These are three traits that I usually do not feel, and if I look at the calendar that lies ahead, I have many more days of March to get through (and that is a lot of time to make people angry with me for saying something that I would not normally say).  I’m sick of the preparation for the upcoming state tests, the inconsistency of the weather (warm one day, cold the next), the coronavirus, and the tired looks the faces of my students (maybe they are feeling the same exhaustion that I am feeling).

Maybe, it was the two consecutive nights in the boardroom that kept me away from home for about 8 hours (after a long workday).  Maybe, it was a weekend full of fun and excitement.  Maybe, it’s my arrival to school at 6:20 in the morning to set up the day’s science investigations.  Whatever it is, I am vowing to “catch up” and get back to my energetic self by the end of the week.  So, tonight I will get to bed really early.  Oh wait; I have to go to a track and field dinner with my daughter tonight.  Ugh!  And then, the Orange basketball team plays the Tarheels at 9:00.  I guess that I will have to wait until April to “catch up”.:)

6 thoughts on “Exhaustion – SOLSC Day #11

  1. I am on the second of four days at camp with my 6th graders. I was exhausted before I left and don’t even think there are words to describe how I feel. I survive every year, and you will too, but right at this moment I have my doubts about my prospects.

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  2. Your slice has revealed information about who you are to the reader. Many traits are shared that are the opposite of the three you wrote about. This slice resonates with me. March is a very ‘full’ month at school. Although we had a day off to celebrate the country’s independence day.

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  3. I’m exhausted too! My grade level team are blaming the time change. I think part of the reason we’re tired is because we know we have to cram so much information into our students’ minds ASAP! State testing is upon us and just the thought of it is exhausting.

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