Madness of March – SOLSC Day #17

Selection Sunday,


bubble team,

or bracket team,

fill in,

your bracket,

East, South,

Midwest, West,

#1 seed,

#16 seed,

play-in game,

or first round game,

Bracket busters,

Cinderella story,

Upset city,

moving on,

or going home,

Sweet Sixteen,

half-court shot,

buzzer beater,

Elite Eight,

feel good stories,

sadness in defeat,

Final Four,

happy victors,

crying losers,


celebration, One Shining Moment.

The basketball fun would have started tonight, but this year, we can only dream of what could have been (after the year Syracuse had, it is a great year to dream:).  So, I will find a game from the past to enjoy tonight, and even if I know the outcome, I will cheer on the winner.  I will feel the madness that March usually brings.


4 thoughts on “Madness of March – SOLSC Day #17

  1. Among all of the sports drama, Tom Brady announced he wasn’t returning to the Patriots to add to it all! We will make it through all of this! Think of how AMAZING sporting events will be (even more so) after this is all done. I am so looking forward to the world coming back together when this passes!

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  2. I’m a hockey gal and this is hard!!! But I used to date a sports writer for a small paper who was so into March Madness that for the time we dated, I watched all the games. He always made me pick a team- I knew NOTHING about their seasons. My favorite team though was Gonzaga-GO ZAGS! because they had the best name. I usually based my predictions on uniforms or names. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

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