Singing from the Windows – SOLSC Day #27

After reading a wonderful Thursday post (Morning Reality) from my friend, Amy, I spent so much time thinking about the power of the written word (the meaning that it presents and the meaning that is lost).  So, last night, when I sat down to enjoy a free concert by Dave Matthews (from my basement and his garage), all of my writing thoughts came full circle.

I found inspiration is Dave’s words and music.  I was inspired to buy local and help the small businesses get back on their feet when the nation is ready.  In fact, I plan to place a craft beer order tomorrow at a former student’s local brewery.  I was also inspired by his song selection and his approach.

Dave stood in front of his computer with his guitar and microphone, but you could tell that it felt awkward to him.  He didn’t know who was in the audience (come to find out there were approximately 1.7 million people in the audience), but it was evident that he wanted his music to comfort them.  Isn’t this the same with us as writers?  I don’t know who will read my words today or any day, but I just hope that I can provide the reader with a smile or a tear (depending on my intention).

Dave picked specific songs to sing (evidence: Virginia in the Rain, Singing from the Windows, Don’t Drink the Water), and he wanted them to sound good (evidence: he critiqued himself for missing a verse in a song).  Isn’t this the same with us as writers?  We pick topics that we hope will have meaning for someone else, and we want our words to be perfect (at least as perfect as they can be).  We want people coming back to read more of our words.

I couldn’t help but to find similarities between Dave Matthews performing a concert in front of his computer to us, as writers, typing posts into our computers each day.  I was inspired to write.  I was inspired and hopeful that my words will make a difference (even if it’s for just one reader).

Side note: I’ve been to MANY of Dave’s shows, and for the next show that I attend; I will be wondering why he picked the songs for that specific concert.  I’m sure that there is a message.:)

4 thoughts on “Singing from the Windows – SOLSC Day #27

  1. I think it is so generous of Dave Matthews and other performers to generously provide entertainment to fans. But, as you say, it is for the same reason that I check my messages frequently during the day. I hope my words, my slices, have made a difference to someone. Again, to laugh, think, sigh… Thanks for the comparison.

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  2. I could liken our approach to teaching each day to Dave selecting the songs for the concert too. Each day we walk in not knowing the events that will unfold throughout our day. Nor do we know the conditions/events that our students witnessed the evening prior when they went home and in the morning when they woke up. For some of our students their days & evenings are idyllic as Theodore Beaver while others that would be a dream come true for them. We hope that whatever we teach that day their experience in our room is one that makes them want to come back each day. I really enjoyed reading your comparison. Thank you for sharing these thoughts.

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  3. Love this! And now you have me thinking too- what’s the reasons for the chosen songs during each performance? I saw DMB live a couple of years ago and was blown away in the most peaceful way- his music is such a calm energy- my favorite 🙂

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  4. I have a band that I love who is playing live every night…they call it the ” gathering” and it has been so fascinating watching and thinking about how it is so much like teaching. Thanks for helping me to make that connection.

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