April is coming – SOLSC Day #29

A soft, warm breeze,

wind chimes singing.

Tulips budding,

and blooming.

Long blades of green grass,

growing again.

Warm spring rains,

worms swimming in puddles.

Bicycles racing,

up and down the street.

Baseball fields.

come alive with action.

Birds chirping,

building homes as nests.

Squirrels scramble,

from tree to tree.

Longer, brighter days,

with a warmer sun.

Windows cracked open,

laughter in the air.

We’ve waited all winter,

for April.

For the most part, the weather has cooperated in Central New York.  Outside of a stray snowstorm, we are moving in the direction of green grass and warmer breezes.  Another winter snow is possible in April (can never be ruled out), but the day-to-day weather pattern promises for a more typical April.  I hope.

4 thoughts on “April is coming – SOLSC Day #29

  1. We have a bunch of snow and rain coming this week but with warm temps I’m hoping the snow doesn’t stay and the rain will only refresh the soil and trees and create the spring we are all awaiting! Thanks for your poem- I, too, can’t wait to see this weather and all that comes with it!

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  2. Nature is still bursting forth with all of its beauty. From blossoming magnolia trees to the songs of chickadees happily building their nest. Spring is calling all of our names & like you said we’ve waited all winter for this. Here’s hoping that soon we will be able to venture farther than just our backyard.


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