Weekends during the COVID-19 Hybrid/Remote Schedule – #SOL Day 5

I have always enjoyed the weekend.  After five days of teaching kids, sitting through meetings, calling/emailing parents, and grading papers, which usually takes me late into the night, the weekend is the grand prize at the end of five long days.  Well, the weekends during this new hybrid/remote learning schedule are even more grand.  Even though I spend about 8-10 hours of the weekend doing school work (posting every single assignment and lesson on Google Classroom), I still get SO EXCITED for 3:05 PM on Friday.

Last Friday, I left the building practically singing “goodbye” and “happy weekend” to all of my colleagues.  I told them that this Friday we are going to all come out of our classrooms and do the wave (like they used to do at football and baseball stadiums in the good ole’ days when fans could go to sporting events).  I think that they think that I am kidding.  They are going to be super surprised at 3:04 PM today when I am encouraging/begging them to come into the halls for a “weekend” cheer.

What is different about weekends during the COVID-19 Pause and hybrid/remote learning schedule?  Well, it is time away from wearing a mask.  Now, I have to go grocery shopping and drop my children off at sport practices and games (which you know how much I love if you read my post from a few days ago), but it is not eight and a half hours straight in a mask.  The second thing that I love about weekends is that I can let my hands recover.  By Friday and helping the students wash the desks seven times a day, the skin on my hands are literally cracking and falling off.  And lastly, it gives me a break from the new kind of busy that hybrid/remote teaching is all about – head spinning busy.

The silver lining – When school goes back to a more normal schedule, it will, without a doubt, feel easier.  But until then, I will soak up every minute (no, every second) of the weekend.  And on Sunday night, I will be ready for Monday.  On Monday night, I will be ready for Friday at 3:05 PM.:)


5 thoughts on “Weekends during the COVID-19 Hybrid/Remote Schedule – #SOL Day 5

  1. As much as I love teaching, I can totally relate to your writing about looking forward to the weekend. I wonder if I’d have the energy to be in a classroom with the same group of students for, what, 6 hours a day, five days a week? It was enough for me to experience being a student in a classroom setting like the one you describe (10,000 years ago). Being responsible for the entire learning experience in the same way as yourself… I tip my hat to you. In terms of your writing, I found myself right there, front and center, doing those things with you and feeling exhausted from it. Excellent piece.

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  2. I totally get it (all!)! I love the idea of a wave! We are in our fourth round of all online this year and although this was a short week it still felt pretty long. It’s Friday night here and I am grateful for the weekend!

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