Spring starts today (sort of) – #SOL21 Day 8

As I trudged through the miles on a cold Sunday afternoon, I daydreamed about the warmer days that lay ahead.  I will freely admit that this time of the year I literally stalk the weather forecast.  I spend about an hour a day on my phone, and I swear that forty minutes of the hour is checking the forecast on two local media news outlets and weather.com.  Now that my secret is out there in the blog world, I will write (excitedly) that the next fourteen days contain days in the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s.  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!

It is easy to be excited about the 30s and 40s when you have spent the last few days running in temperatures that are hovering around twenty-five degrees with a wind chill that is very close to ten degrees.  Ouch!  It takes about ten minutes to thaw out after an hour run, but not for long because the temperatures are on the rise.  Hooray!

While discussing the upcoming week, my wife and kids continually reminded me that tomorrow is not the first day of spring (at least not on the calendar).  They also joked about how I do this every single year.  Here’s the strange part.  I realized that the first March day of warmer temperatures, the day that I patiently waited for, ended up being the day the nation shut down.  During the remote work day from home, I walked before school started.  I walked on my lunch break, and I ran as soon as the school day ended.  It was the happiest day and the saddest day all rolled into one day.  There were so many questions about the future weeks and months. Ugh!

So, today, I will make the best of this warmer day that will lead off a stretch of days that no longer hover near ten degrees with the wind chill factor.  With three of my kids starting four weeks of indoor track, which is going to be run outdoors (such a strange year), I am so motivated to get back into running shape and get fit.  This is always the perfect time of the year for this.  It all begins today.  I can’t wait until this afternoon so that I can hit the roads without four layers.:)


5 thoughts on “Spring starts today (sort of) – #SOL21 Day 8

  1. I enjoyed living as a runner while reading your slice. Checking the temps, counting the layers. Creating your own calendar and adding 1st Day of Spring. I’ve been toying with the idea of giving running a try. I wonder if it wasn’t a coinincidence that I clicked and read your post. Thanks for the nudge to keep thinking about running. I may turn it into action soon. Enjoy your week out on the road!

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  2. I agree that better weather is a wonderful mood enhancer. While it may not be the official start of spring, I am wearing spring colors and sharing the excitement of this spring, after a long, hard, lonely winter and year.

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  3. It really is amazing how temperature is relative isn’t it? I live in upstate NY and it’s been quite cold. Seeing the temperature rise to 40 means a heat wave is coming! =) Enjoy the run!

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  4. “It all begins today.” I pulled this line out of your post because I love it. It leaped out at me as did your very upbeat and optimistic post. It is a great read and I agree wholeheartedly with everything you believe! I’ll tell you, I don’t even wait for March to look around and say, “Ok, winter is done, right?” I say that the day after New Years! Hahahaha. Here in NJ, sadly that means winter has just begun but it’s ok because the potential is always, “It all begins today!”

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  5. “Literally stalk the weather forecast.” I am guilty of doing this too. Tomorrow and Wednesday it’s supposed to be 63 and 68 respectively. I’m so lucky and glad that I have recess duty on Wednesday. March is definitely a month that likes to tease us and make us feel like spring has arrived well before its expected day. And then two or three days prior to the first day of Spring drop the temperature 30 or 40 degrees colder. I hope the 50s and 60s are here to stay for awhile. Happy Pre-Spring!

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