Manic Mondays in the hybrid/remote learning model – #SOL21 Day 9

Just like everything else, even Mondays are crazier during COVID-19.  After spending the entire weekend planning and thinking I’m ready for the week, the hybrid/remote learning schedule threw curveball after curveball (Can you tell I’m excited for baseball season?) at me.  I think that I may have even got hit by a couple of pitches (Okay, I’ll stop with the baseball references).  So, when I walked out the door to the parking lot, I was not surprised that the Bangles lyrics, “It’s just another manic Monday…” was running through my head.

This does get me wondering about Mondays during a more normal time.  Honestly, I don’t remember what Mondays were exactly like before COVID-19.  It’s been a year, I’m getting old, and Mondays were always a blur.  I’m hopeful that Mondays will be easier in the future (in more normal times), but I have a feeling that I’m dreaming.  It’s Tuesday and I made it through Monday, so I can dream.:)

Until Mondays go back to normal times, I will continue to prepare on the weekend with the goal of nailing a Monday.  In fact, I will aspire to nail an entire week of perfect lessons.  Now, I’m really dreaming.  In the meantime, I will duck the curveballs that Mondays throw at me and look forward to the day that I have all of the kids back in the classroom (and I don’t have to rely on technology for my daily live lessons).


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