Things that stay exactly the same… #SOL21 Day 16

On this morning’s bitterly cold walk through the neighborhoods, my thoughts kept me warm.  I thought about everything that I like and miss about the classroom (since Covid-19 modified the schedule).  The list turned into a poem in my head and I rearranged the lines a number of times, but when it was time to sit in front of the computer and type, this is how it looked on the page.

Things I like:

Less than twelve students in my classroom,

quiet hallways,

organized and manageable cafeteria,

being the only class in the library,

small study halls (to work with kids),

a classroom not cluttered with manipulatives,

grade levels passing at the same time.

Things I miss:

Full classrooms,

loud hallways,

crazy, chaotic cafeteria,

students in and out of library,

large, lively study halls,

manipulatives all over the classroom,

tons of kids passing in the halls.

Things that stayed exactly the same:

The sound of learning in every classroom,

morning announcements,

delicious school lunches,

the unique smell of a middle school hallway (especially in the spring:),

teachers helping kids.

The “things that stayed exactly the same” were added during the typing of the poem.  While thinking about what I like and miss about school, the thought that some things stayed the same never crossed my mind.  It’s the “things that stayed exactly the same” that is giving it a sense of normalcy (albeit, a new normal:).  Every line, all of it, is the reason that I enjoy going to school each and every day.


6 thoughts on “Things that stay exactly the same… #SOL21 Day 16

  1. There really are more things the same (and better) than we realize. I’m teaching remotely all year but from my classroom. It’s an odd bubble-like existence. Very lonely at times, but the voices of in-person students in the hallways keep my spirits up. Looking forward to next year and the new “new” normal. P.S. We don’t have that MS hallway smell in elementary school, LOL!

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  2. The sound of learning stays the same. New normal. I have been blessed to have one student at a time and yet without the interaction with other kids, something is definitely missing. A year of missing…

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  3. The emptier hallways sound like a wonderful thing. I long remember walking inside a throng of people, trying to get to my next class, and feeling as though I had to trudge through the halls.

    No matter what has changed and what has stayed the same, the focus on the kids’ learning remains.

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