Date Night – #SOL21 Day 17

Is it Friday yet?  The Tuesday drive home consisted of quiet.  No music.  No talk radio.  Quiet.  As I sat at the final traffic light about a half mile away from home, I came to the realization that I can vaguely recollect the route that I took to get to this light.  My initial thought was slight panic.  My next thought was “thank goodness that I drive the same route home each and every day.”  I blanked.  I let the struggles of teaching reading comprehension, the annoyance of kids not reviewing the scoring requirements against their project before handing it in, and the fact that we (the teachers) are blamed for everything fog my thoughts and distract me from my only “twenty-minutes of me time.”

As I placed my work bags next to the table (for some evening grading) and untied my tie, my wife approached and spoke those magic words.  She said, “I was thinking that maybe we could get away for a few hours on Friday nights for a DATE NIGHT.”  Those are the magic words – date night.  Those words have not been spoken in a long, long time.  With restaurants and bars closed, we had nowhere to go.  Before that, Friday night consisted of driving our children to sporting events, outings with their friends, or friends’ houses.  It has been so long since the words have been spoken that I forgot that feeling that I get.  The chills.  Dizzy happiness.  Euphoria.  The words that make me forget all of my troubles.

My hectic weekend filled with school work and a dark mood was remedied when “my” team’s name was called for the NCAA Basketball Tournament.  It got me through a Monday, but couldn’t muster enough to get me through a long Tuesday.  BUT, those soft spoken words that my wife greeted me with after work yesterday was  just what I needed.  Date night is better than any of my favorite teams getting in a championship tournament (even winning a championship game).  Date night is better than happy hour.  Date night is better than a long run.  Date night is better than a concert.  Date night is better than a round of golf.  Date night is better than anything I can think of.  It is time away from the kids (I love them, but I have been with them nonstop for twelve months).  It is time to actually talk and listen to my wife (without complete chaos going on around us).  It is time to enjoy each other’s company like we did before the four kids came along.:)  There is nothing like date night.

So, with three days of school before our Friday night date night, I have new hope and new energy.  Something to get me through the week.  And when I didn’t think it could get any better, she followed up the date night request with, “And we will definitely get home in time to watch the game.”  Wow, I’m lucky on this St. Patrick’s Day!


3 thoughts on “Date Night – #SOL21 Day 17

  1. Way to get through the week! You truly made date night a cherished event. I liked these short descriptions: “The chills. Dizzy happiness. Euphoria. The words that make me forget all of my troubles.” I wonder if my husband ever feels this way. I can only hope.

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  2. I love how giddy you are for date night! We used to do those too and you are so right about the lifting of spirits knowing that something fun is awaiting the end of the week. My team, St. Bonaventure, made the tourney too (they play Saturday)! It’s pretty exciting! High five to a great end of the week.

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