Wednesday lunch runs – #SOL21 Day 18

Wednesdays at our school are all remote.  It gives the kids a day away (to catch up or review content) and the building gets an extra cleaning, which is strange because I never see any extra cleaning going on, but then again, our custodial staff does an awesome job keeping the building clean.  So Wednesdays consist of meeting with my students remotely, which is no big deal, but it is also a day of teacher/administration meetings.  Ugh!  It is hours spent in meetings where nothing gets accomplished and they are all over Zoom.  After six Zoom meetings (only three consisting of students), the teachers are exhausted.

The day is supposed to be for teachers to catch up on grading or get ahead with lesson planning for the hybrid/remote learning model.  THIS NEVER HAPPENS.  I have not had a productive Wednesday all school year, and because of this, I have left the building each and every Wednesday in a bad mood.  That all changed four Wednesdays ago.  Four weeks ago, I began using my lunch break to go for a four mile run and my entire mood changed.  It has been a great way to burn off the negative energy in the middle of the day and set me on an afternoon path of accomplishing things (sometimes during Zoom meetings:).

The run route takes me down to the university that is about two miles away.  There are rolling hills and an awesome climb on the way back to the school.  The gradual, but long, climb is grueling at a nice pace and I am beginning to notice that this is exactly where I burn off the negativity.  As I make the final smaller climb back to the school, I feel refreshed (tired, but refreshed).  I wish that I could do this everyday, but when the kids are in the building I’m lucky to find even forty seconds to use the restroom or scarf down a sandwich.

All of the students will be coming back to school in the beginning of April, but we will continue to have Wednesday as all remote days.  I plan to continue my lunch runs and hope for productivity in the afternoon (even if it is during a time that I should be listening in a meeting).  As the weather continues to improve, I may even begin looking forward to Wednesdays.


3 thoughts on “Wednesday lunch runs – #SOL21 Day 18

  1. Running is your reset button! I am sorry that your admins have revised the true purpose of those Wednesdays. My husband is in the same boat…

    While I’m not much of a runner, your slice has inspired me to use my lunch more productively.

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  2. This sounds like our Fridays–a day for planning, grading, and meeting with students that is usually entirely taken up by meetings with admin and other teachers! So. Many. Zoom. Meetings. I felt so energized reading about your run and how it’s completely reset your Wednesday afternoons.

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