A spring haircut – #SOL21 Day 21

A new haircut.  The last time that the gray hair on the top of my head was trimmed was in November.  My son loved my “flow” and wanted it for lacrosse season (so it would flow out of the back of his helmet).  My wife hated it because the hair grew so long that it was hiding my ears.  My mother, who only says kind things, keeps saying, “Andy, your hair sure is getting long.  Has it ever been this long?”  Hint.  Hint.  Because my locks are so heavy, I was even struggling to keep my head up straight (okay, maybe it’s not that heavy, but it is heavy).

As the Supercuts hairdresser ran the trimmer through my hair for one last time, she said, “You probably feel ten times lighter.”  It was thick.  And, yes, I did feel lighter.  When I stood up from the chair, I cringed at how much work she’d have to do with the broom to clean up all of my hair.  Don’t worry, I tipped her extra.  She wished me a good night and told me to enjoy the cool air on my head.  I did.  I walked on air to the car.  I skipped through the afternoon (I was walking, but feeling like a skip).  I’ve been smiling ever since.

I’ve got my first two runs of spring in (both in shorts) and now I have my spring haircut.  I’m ready for sunshine and warmer temperatures.  My wife keeps telling me that I may have to put sunscreen on my head for my after school runs.  I sure hope so.

2 thoughts on “A spring haircut – #SOL21 Day 21

  1. I was just telling my nephew that I needed a hair cut. There is something about a fresh look that really lightens everything. You captured this freshness in this slice so perfectly. ALSO – fingers crossed for continued “running in shorts” weather! 🙂

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