A morning walk – #SOL21 Day 23

A morning walk is the best way to start the day.  Even after a long weekend with very little sleep, the morning walk is the perfect way to start the week.  The only time of the day that writing ideas flood my brain.  The only time that I get peace and quiet.

Morning Walk

Deep darkness of the early morning,

Greeted by the first chirps of the day,

Crisp, cool air, nature’s alarm clock,

The day has really started.

The eerie stillness of the dark,

Not strange or scary, but comforting,

A comfort of a spring morning,

The day has really started.

Passing the lone neighbor,

Signals the end of the peace,

So many more spring walks ahead,

The day has really started.

Have a great day!  Happy writing!


One thought on “A morning walk – #SOL21 Day 23

  1. I can feel the line the eerie stillness of the dark. There is something both creepy and comforting about an early morning walk or run when the darkness blankets the world. I also come up with most of my ideas for writing on my walks and run. The problem is remembering once I’m home.

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