The four “B’s”- #SOL21 Day 27

The first night of vacation was a blur.  I laid on the couch from about seven o’clock at night until I headed to bed at eleven-thirty.  I was exhausted.  It wasn’t the way that I thought that I would start vacation, but the last few weeks of craziness finally caught up with me.  This morning, I woke up refreshed and ready for a week of vacation.

The day was grey and cold until the sun finally found its way into the clearing skies.  The sun helped warm things up to the mid-50s.  On our way home from lacrosse practice, my youngest daughter and I decided it was the perfect night for the first bonfire of the spring, so we stopped to get some wood and decided that after dinner, we would have a fire.

With the big basketball game tonight, we had the final “B” of the night after we picked up the wood.  We got home and barbequed before the bonfire.  You can’t barbeque without a beer.  As the sun went down, it got chilly and was perfect for grilling and a bonfire.  Due to the game starting at 9:55 PM, we needed to keep busy (to stay awake:).  So, we had a barbeque, beers, a bonfire, and tonight, we hope to have a ton of Buddy buckets.  Go Orange!


One thought on “The four “B’s”- #SOL21 Day 27

  1. What a bountiful slice! I might steal this idea, maybe even with letter B, as we are headed to the beach tomorrow 🙂
    Hope it was a winning basketball night for you (assuming it’s a March Madness game you’re excited about!).

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