Writing as reflection during these uncertain times – #SOL21 Day 28

A year ago, we used writing as a way to make sense of the unpredictable times that awaited us in the months leading us into summer.  The pandemic instantly changed the world and led us into a future like no other that we have experienced in over a century.  The normal that we all knew was disrupted, and we used writing to keep our own normalcy and make sense of a considerably different looking future.

One year ago, there were no answers to all of our questions that we had, but we used the month of March to share our feelings, fears, experiences, and prognosis for the future in writing.  We wrote every single day.  We read other writer’s writing and commented.  We took advantage and found comfort within a community of writers.  As the pandemic caused shutdowns and solitude for many people, I, as a writer, found a community of people, other writers, that were feeling the same way as I was feeling.  For me, it made it easier to deal with it all.

One year later, March 2021, and we are here again as a community of writers.  This year, the writing and reflections offer hope and an opportunity to glimpse at the next post-quarantine (if numbers continue to decrease) year that lies ahead.  The last two months (March 2020 and March 2021) are bookends for a year like one we have never ever seen or experienced before.  Writing has always proven to be a way that people effectively communicate and find comfort with things that they are struggling with in life.  The last two Slice of Life March writing challenges have provided us with a positive way to reflect and be part of a community during these uncertain times.

Thank you to ALL of the organizers of the Slice of Life writing challenge.


3 thoughts on “Writing as reflection during these uncertain times – #SOL21 Day 28

  1. This community is incredible, both in the space for reflection it creates and the sense of support and connection. I wish I would’ve been able to participate last year, but there was just no way. I’m so happy to be back this year!

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  2. Amen to everything you said! The Slice Of Life writing community was a Godsend last year, and has been such a comfort again this year. I’m so thankful for Two Writing Teachers and the entire Slice of Life community. 🙂 ~JudyK

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