Where did the time go? #SOL21 Day 29

When I got off the phone with a representative from a southeast college this afternoon, I needed a moment.  I was completely composed during the phone conversation (although, a bit bewildered by the cost of college), but the second that I hung up, all of the memories of the last seventeen years rushed through my mind.  Where did the time go?  When did my oldest daughter get to the age where she would need to be looking at colleges?

I’ll never ever forget when she was born.  My wife had a difficult delivery, so I spent the first few hours with her.  We sang songs.  We cuddled.  I truly believe that she was smiling at me the whole time (she wasn’t – she was a newborn).  Since then, I’ve coached her, went on so many neighborhood walks with her, helped her learn how to drive, and spent many nights talking with her about life (usually listening) and school.  ALL of this came rushing back as I hung up the phone.  She will be heading to college next August.  She wants to be many states away, and this is the most difficult part of her leaving for college.  I want her to go to the local college in our city, but I also want her to be happy (she has worked so hard in high school).

I still have a few months left of this school year and her senior year.  I just hope that it moves at a snail’s pace.  The evitable is coming, and by the time that we get to that point, I will be ready.  For now, I will reminisce about all of the memories, continue to talk to representatives from northeast and southeast colleges, and wonder where all of the years went (and continually attempt to slow them down before the other three kids get ready to head to college).


3 thoughts on “Where did the time go? #SOL21 Day 29

  1. I remember my parents feeling this way fifteen years ago. I was just like them (kind of). I wanted time to go by quickly to be done with high school and yet I wanted it to slow down because I wasn’t ready to leave for college. I hope time does slow down for you.

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