A cup of coffee – #SOL21 Day 31

A cup of steaming hot coffee.  Doesn’t a cup of coffee taste better on the weekend or over vacation?  If you don’t drink coffee, replace it with your drink – hot tea, hot chocolate, orange juice, or a fancy coffee drink, which I don’t know the names of because I only drink regular, boring, old coffee.  Yesterday, I drank a cup of coffee on the golf course – even better!  I’m already on my second cup, and I haven’t had to chug down any of it.  I haven’t spilled any on my shirt or pants because of drinking it on the run, and my coffee is hot from start to finish.  I don’t believe that I have finished a cup of hot or warm coffee during a school weekday in years.

The cup of coffee is the perfect way to describe a hectic school day, which is every single day since September (honestly, it’s hectic even during a “normal” schedule).  There are many days that I find my coffee sitting on a lab table at 2:55 PM with six gulps still left.  The cream is beginning to curdle and swirl on the top of the coffee, and it is usually exactly how I feel after only two things or twenty went right over the last seven hours.  Disgusting.  Tired.  Cold.  As I walk out the door and throw the leftover contents of my coffee onto the school lawn, I imagine that I will drink a whole cup of coffee the next day.  It never happens.

So, today, I slowly drink my coffee, and if it even begins to cool a degree or two, I put it in the microwave and warm it up because I have time.:)  I enjoy every sip while I read/write/or finish a household chore.  I have a few more days of relaxing “coffee mornings” until we go back to school, and I’m going to enjoy every single one.  My goal in the last twelve weeks of the school year is to get through a cup of coffee during a busy school day.  Dare to dream.:)


5 thoughts on “A cup of coffee – #SOL21 Day 31

  1. Nothing better than hot coffee during a weekend or vacation – the fact that the coffee is actually piping hot, no pressure from bells sounding, etc. Enjoy the heck out of your coffee. Tomorrow morning (Thursday) I will raise a coffee toast to both of us, on vacation and coming off of 31 days of solid blogging. It has been nice getting to know you. I hope you to see you around at least on Tuesdays (if not more often). All the best!

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  2. You are so right. I even have a Yeti and can’t finish my coffee while it is still hot. I, like you, have every intention, every single day to finish it, but never do. My break is next week and you just got me really excited for that first cup of relaxing coffee–and the second and third!! Enjoy yours for the next few days.

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  3. Those days that you can’t find the time to finish the morning coffee are tough. Enjoy the break and the coffee! I like how you set a nonacademic goal for the rest of the year. While it may seem like a little thing, it is reflective of a big thing. Good luck – I hope you make it!

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