So Strange – SOLSC Day #18

I sit at my computer.  My fourth grade daughter sits across from me doing schoolwork.  My older kids will begin their schoolwork when their school day typically begins, which is in about forty-five minutes.  For me, this is the first day of distant learning/teaching, and sixty minutes into my day, I am already bored.  So strange.

I woke up (and will wake up) at my normal time of 5:30 AM during the week.  Today, I sent an email to the parents and my ELA students.  I have already checked if they have responded.  It is 7:00 AM.  They would not even be in school yet, but I wait.  By now, I would have written the day’s science schedule on the whiteboard.  I would have set up the lab investigation for the day.  I would have updated the homework wall (digital and whiteboard).  I would have written the daily schedule on the easel whiteboard for ELA class.  I would be going through my normal routine to get ready for teaching, but instead I sit in front of my computer in my kitchen.  So strange.

I love the idea of helping my children learn math, science, social studies, ELA, art, music, Spanish, and health, but it’s not the same as teaching in front of the class.  My fourth grade daughter has a packet of work and is nearly done with the work for today (she woke up at 6:00 AM).  She won’t get ahead.  She likes to stay on task.  She will be done by 7:30.  My older children will take the entire day to do the day’s work.  They will take a break between each assignment to procrastinate.  The two in high school will get to do some virtual learning with their teacher (today will be the first day that I get to see this because I was at school yesterday).  I can’t wait.  My wife has my son in English class, so it will be odd to see him sitting in front of his computer listening to my wife who will be in another room on her computer.  So strange.

As I finish, the sun is coming up over the horizon and my shoulder.  It sure is beautiful.  I guess that is something that I take for granted during the school week.  Who has time to watch the sun come up when you have to prepare to teach seventy kids?  I wonder what else I will recognize as I work from home for the first time ever.  Well, time to get ready for school.  It starts in ten minutes.  So strange.


5 thoughts on “So Strange – SOLSC Day #18

  1. Home schooling is challenging for all of us. I feel like we are all in unchartered territory and I, now, write online graduate courses. It’s still all new!
    Hang in there and try to find some time for a few different, new activities for each of you, if you can.

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  2. We are on spring break right now, so the virtual learning is yet to begin. As a librarian used to having ready access to books to read and recommend, as well as technology to present, it will be strange indeed. Most of my lesson planning is still done by hand on paper, on the fly as I support teachers’ needs in the classroom; this will take a bit more coordination than my usual collaborating at the circulation desk.


  3. Today was our first virtual day as well and I agree boredom is going to be the biggest challenge. Mostly for the students. On the plus side, students are going to be so excited when they finally get to go back to school!

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  4. The use of repetition in this post is perfect – the contrast to the change we are all facing. This line: “Who has time to watch the sun come up when you have to prepare to teach seventy kids? I wonder what else I will recognize as I work from home for the first time ever.” is something I’ve been thinking about and your questions help create the mood of this piece.

    It is all so strange but your post is familiar and I’m glad to have stumbled across the familiar in some small way today.

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  5. I love the repitition and these are strange times for sure. How wonderful that you will get to teach your 4th grade daughter! You sound like an excellent, hands on kind of teacher. Good luck with the technology and not getting bored. I hope you find something to enjoy each day.

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