A Healthy Hobby/Habit – SOLSC Day #25

These times are unprecedented.   We are living in isolation.  Many people are using social media to stay connected, but I find that is not helping me.  It may be helping others, but not me.  I have found two things are helping me through these strange times: writing and running.  This writing community is helping me.  And if I reflect on these two hobbies that are helping, I find that they are both very healthy.

Last March, I was part of the March Slice of Life Story Challenge.  I loved it (and that’s why I am back this year), but last year, I squeezed writing into my already hectic schedule.  I was writing while sitting at my daughter’s soccer game, my son’s lacrosse practice, and even while I waited at stoplights in my car.  I loved it, but it felt more like an obligation.  This year, it doesn’t feel that way at all.  This year, it is an opportunity to share, comment, and be part of a wonderful community of writers.  It is a chance to find solace and peace in a time when both are difficult to come by.

This March, the Challenge has led me down new, unexplored paths.  My seventh grade daughter is writing a book, and we talk about it every single day (it is fantasy and very much like the Red Queen, which she loves).  It has led me to helping start a writing community at school with my fellow writing friend, Amy.  As of today, there are 27 people part of our school writing community (and it started on Monday).  Lastly, it has led me to find a focus while out enjoying a walk or run.  My ideas (and even some daily writing topics) have been born during a run or walk.  It has given me a chance to share my words with a community.

So, thank you to everyone who organized this year’s (and last year’s and next year’s) March Slice of Life Story Challenge.  You have helped a community of writers feel safe sharing their words.  You have helped a community of writers cope with these difficult times.  THANK YOU!


4 thoughts on “A Healthy Hobby/Habit – SOLSC Day #25

  1. I cannot like this enough!! There is so much solace and connection that I have found through this journey. Thank you for helping me to find a way to continue it with our school community!

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  2. Yes! I’m like you. The keeping up via social media isn’t helping me either. In past years I’ve struggled to figure out a topic to write about for 31 days. This year I haven’t had that trouble and while I like that I don’t like what it cost me to have it. But this year our community has really leaned on one another and have been so good at checking in on one another & encouraging one another.

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