Is it winter again? – SOLSC Day #24

Winter is back,

weighs heavy on the trees,

there is a chill in the air,

that leaves the tips of your fingers raw.

Winter is back,

only for a day,

it’s easier to take,

than the first snow in October.

Winter is back,

snow men, snow forts everywhere,

long strings of snow,

drop from the telephone lines.

Winter is back,

the thickness creates a beautiful silence,

cold puddles in the road,

it’s melting as fast as it arrived.

Spring will be back,

a little patch of grass appears,

the birds aren’t going anywhere,

they remind us of warmer days to come.

The heavy snow that fell on Monday created a winter wonderland that I know will not last.  It makes it easier to enjoy its beauty.  Streets were left unplowed because no one was going anywhere (had to run in the tire tracks someone left behind).  Today, the snow melts, the birds chirp, and there is a majestic quiet that won’t be replicated when we get back to our “normal” lives.  It was a great way to start the day.


3 thoughts on “Is it winter again? – SOLSC Day #24

  1. we got snow last night, too. I was not as poetic as you are with it- my words were a little more inappropriate 🙂 it was nice to read your post and be reminded of the beauty, thank you for a different perspective in these weird days!


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