Things I miss vs. Things I don’t miss – SOLSC Day #30

This morning, as I communicated with kids and teachers, I started to create a list of things that I miss and things that I don’t miss while being stuck in my house.  Here is the list of things that I miss: my students, friends (other adults), daily routine, outings (concerts, museums, libraries), Wegmans (grocery shopping), coffee (from my favorite local spot), and watching sports.  Here is the list of things that I don’t miss: driving my children to dozens of sporting practices and events a week, eating take-out or at a restaurant, waking up at 5:15 AM, the hectic weeknight schedule, (useless) meetings at school, listening to people complain (about school, students, their schedule, etc), nightly trips to the grocery store to buy things I don’t need (example: chocolate), and wasting money on coffee and treats (that I can make at home).

I found it very strange that my lists were almost even (7 things that I miss and 8 things that I don’t miss).  I guess in my mind, before creating the list, I predicted that I missed more things than I didn’t miss.  This leads me to a quote that I read on Saturday.  It reads:

“In the rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to.”                                          – Dave Hollis

Is it normal that I drive anywhere between ten to fifty miles a night driving my children to sporting practices and games?  Is it productive to sit in a meeting for thirty to one hundred and twenty minutes if nothing is getting accomplished?  Do I need chocolate every single night of the week?  Why do I arrive at 6:20 AM to school when the day starts at 7:45 AM?  Can I ask a fellow teacher not to include me in all of the negative talk about school and students? 

While I contemplate these questions (on runs, long walks, laying awake in bed), I am starting to find answers to these questions and my goal is to return to normal a different person (not better, not worse, just different).  My goal is to have a different “normal” and more focus on what is important.

What do you miss?  What don’t you miss?


4 thoughts on “Things I miss vs. Things I don’t miss – SOLSC Day #30

  1. wait- you don’t need chocolate? 🙂 It’s a necessity to me!

    I love this post- it’s definitely been on my mind, too. What is worth going back to, and what can I stay away from or take out of my life- and in the same way- what can I add to it? (like immediately washing my dishes). I miss human interaction- I personally like meeting strangers, saying hello to the fellow shopper looking for chocolate 🙂 I miss running the trails- I’ve been straying away from them and just running roads lately because the trails are not socially distance friendly. I don’t miss waking up early and rushing to start my days or ending them so late because I’ve tried to pack everything into them. I, too, and looking forward to getting to a “Different” normal- not better or worse- but different which could potentially lead to a more enjoyable and fulfilling life. See- I’m working toward finding the “why” in all this 🙂

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  2. I love this goal of achieving a different normal. Totally agree with you about useless meetings and the ubering of kids from place to place. Don’t think I can give up chocolate, though I am totally rationing the one bar I do have. This experience has definitely shifted my priorities (for the better). Thank you for this reflective and thought provoking slice.

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  3. What a great idea to consider what we do and don’t miss. I also think that so much of what has been eliminated is making for a more relaxed atmosphere. Thank you for sharing your reflections… since they are leading to my own reflections.

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  4. I reflected on this a little this weekend.

    I miss: my class, my co-workers, my gym & gym family, going to Wal-Mart & the greenhouse to get my spring flowers.
    I don’t miss being stuck in traffic, eating out when I could easily make this stuff at home, and waking up early.
    But in a way I’m perfectly fine sitting at home in my swing & reading. While some are quite uncomfortable about this time at home in the evenings my bookworm heart is happy. Excellent Slice of self-reflection.

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