Thursday felt like a Syracuse summer day – #SOL21 Day 26

A run in shorts and a t-shirt.  A long walk in the woods with my daughter.  We were both in shorts and t-shirts with spring mud all over our legs.  Grilling with a nice Ruby Red Kolsch.  Windows halfway open with fresh evening air blowing through the house.  Is it summer?  Not even close.  Is it a weather miracle?  Pretty close to it.  It was a marvelous late-March Thursday.

Usually, a Syracuse March consists of lots of rain with many days of snow mixing in.  We don’t see the grass very much because it’s covered in the white stuff.:)  In fact, many years it even snows in April and May in Central New York.  Now, I’m not crazy enough to think that we are done with snow, but I know for sure that we, Syracusans, love a sunny, high seventy degree day in March.  We get a little crazy (see first paragraph).

Vacation starts tomorrow at 3:05, and the temperatures are supposed to dip back down to normal, but this has been an amazing week, and because of it, I’m not even upset that snow is in the forecast for late Sunday.  Before I sat down to grade on Thursday night, I took some golf swings in the yard and cleaned out my bag with the hope of playing a round or two over vacation (even if it is in gloves, a winter coat, and a warm hat).  Summer may disappear this afternoon, but it will be back soon.


3 thoughts on “Thursday felt like a Syracuse summer day – #SOL21 Day 26

  1. Your slice shows how much you appreciate this gift of a glimpse at summer. Even got the golf clubs ready! I often think it would be nice to live where it is always warm. But then I think because we experience the 4 seasons here on the East Coast (I’m in VA so don’t truly experience winter like you do), we appreciate the change from one season to the next even more.

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  2. I loved living in syracuse, my home from 2003 to 2010…nothing like the long syracuse spring that is so appreciated after the winters! And the early Spring preview is always welcome. Glad you could enjoy it. This slice took me back!


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