What is Matter? #SOL21 Day 22

What is matter?  No, what is the matter with you?  That is what the young sixth grade ears thought that they heard on this sleepy, but sunny, Monday morning.  After a long weekend of basketball watching (our city’s college team is in the Sweet Sixteen), the students were tired and unfocused (at least on science).  But, my next question got their attention.  What is chemistry?  Followed by me lighting a hot plate to melt ice – I like drama (actually, I can’t stand drama, but the kids love it).

Over the last thirteen weeks of school, we will be consumed by mixing, boiling, heating, and the atomic numbers that make up the periodic table.  The students can’t wait.  Their teacher can’t wait.:)  With the social distancing requirements moving from six feet to three feet, we will be able to converse and work with manipulatives more easily.  We won’t be able to share manipulatives, but we will be taking turns working through the investigations and lab activities.  We will work in pairs to collaborate and reflect.  This will be the first time during this school year that the students won’t be watching videos of the investigations and lab activities that I premade before class.  SUPER boring.

This is the perfect way to end the school year in science.  Last year, we progressed through the chemistry unit from home in the fully remote school setting.  Lots of reading, lots of videos of me doing the labs, and no hands on chemistry.  Tomorrow, we start with a burning candle and the impact that oxygen has on a burning candle.  If I don’t burn down the classroom, we will be off and running with three months of sixth grade chemistry.  The perfect mix to finish the school year.:)


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