Hitting the links – #SOL21 Day 30

Hitting the links in March.  I can’t think of a better way to end the month of March.  With a snowstorm, which will drop ten inches of snow, coming in two days, it made the 18 holes even sweeter.  We lost our spring vacation last year because we were teaching remote, and because I have only been golfing for three summers, this was the earliest that I have ever been on a golf course.

With the sun and the temperatures in the 70s, I forgot that it was March.  In short sleeves and shorts, I forgot it was March.  With twosomes, threesomes, and foursomes on every single hole, I forgot it was March.  When I got home and realized that my face was sunburn, I forgot it was March.  It was the perfect spring vacation day.

The round of golf gives me hope that the warmer weather is coming.  It gives me the hope of long spring and summer days with sun and warm temperatures.  With the ten inches of snow coming to Central New York, it gives me hope that it will be melted by the weekend (so I can golf again:).  We are halfway through our vacation, but today was the highlight so far and it gives me hope that it is going to be an awesome second half of vacation.


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